Using OneDrive

For this post, the video immediately below will show you everything that is written below that, so you can choose to either watch the video, read the instructions, or both!

Click the little cloud to open the OneDrive app:

Click Sign in to, uh, sign in…

Sign in is your computer user name


That should take you to another login page where you’ll put your password

On the next screen, you need to press Next

And then one more time to start to connect your computer to your online folder:

After that, there’s a little tour you can take if you want:

Or just Close the window:

Now you actually have a new folder on your computer where you can safely store your files AND back them up online automatically:

Now in your File Explorer window you’ll see a OneDrive folder:

Anything you put in that folder will be automatically uploaded online. You’ll know that it’s backed up when you see a green check mark on the file.



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