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Famous “Research” in a New Light

Classmate Ethan shared a rather interesting link with me yesterday, which sheds some new light on the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment. It turns out that beyond the famous ethical issues and some obvious scientific concerns, there may be a rather… unfactual report of what actually took place.

It’s pretty interesting. Thanks Ethan!

That one is largely based on this long, but very interesting article:

But it turns out that Zimbardo isn’t alone. There are some concerns about the accuracy of Millgram’s Obedience Study, as well!


Mental Illnesses: Facts, Myths, & Questions

Before we get too deep into specific mental illnesses, I want to know a bit about what you’ve heard, thought, or wondered about. If you have any facts to pass along, myths you want to debunk, or things you want to know, here’s the place to do it. Please give this some thought and contribute to our discussion:

Exam Review!

See how much of this document you can complete without checking your notes or the website or The Internet. The questions you can’t do are the ones that you need to study! If you want to attempt this and hand it in and see how you did, I’ll be glad to have a look at it, or you can just use this to discuss, review, whatever.

PsychReviewExercise (Word)

Google Doc

Final Exam Review!

Your exam is tentatively scheduled for June 19 at 1pm. That could change, so make sure you check the official schedule closer to the exam.

It’s time to start thinking about your exam! I know that the general tendency is to cram the night before and hope that something sticks, but you WILL do better if you look at smaller bits of information over a longer period of time (eg. study one unit/concept over the course of a couple of days, then focus on another, etc.) You WILL also do better if you DO SOMETHING other than read the information and watch the videos. Make notes! Come up with quiz questions for yourself. TALK to a classmate (or teacher!) Make yourself a set of flash cards, whatever, just DO SOMETHING! Reading it helps, but engaging with the content helps A LOT MORE.

Below is a list of the topics that we’ve covered in class. It is just a list of highlights, there is more, but these are the things that you should really know. I’ve put hyperlinks to the best posts to look at for more information on the topics, but there are others that you may wish to seek out on your own.

Remember to look at assignments. They’re designed to get you to interact with important concepts/material:

You should also scroll back through the daily posts for the course:

You will notice in the document below that there is some material that we haven’t covered yet (but will next week.)

Download the document and use it however you like. Highlight things, add in notes, make note of things that you want to review before the exam. Over the course of the next two weeks, you will have the option to review whatever concepts you wish, so be ready to let me know what to go over again. ASK QUESTIONS if there’s anything that you don’t remember/didn’t do/don’t understand!

CourseReview (WORD)

CourseReview (Google Doc)