GT20G (Grade 10 Graphic Tech)

Class Links:

Class posts (instructions & info)

Hand Out folder

Office login ( / OneDrive login / OneDrive instructions

Westwood logos


Unsplash (high quality, copyright free photos)

The Noun Project (download vector or transparent icons – you need an account!

Adobe Color

Adobe sign in / Adobe Learn/Help

misterjrobson YouTube

LinkedIn Learning (tutorials) / Library Membersip sign up (temporary/limited)

Course RA (online courses)

Typing Club (login with your school username/password)

Sublimation Production Instructions (press your design!)



Student Survey (optional)

OneDrive & Adobe setup / Assignment Hand In (IMPORTANT INFO/REVIEW)

Illustrator Art (beginners should start HERE)

Illustrator Outlines

Multi-Coloured Vinyl Cut Sticker (product)

Illustrator Tracing/Drawing/Inking

Irregularly Shaped Outlines (sticker or shirt design)

Illustrator Mandala Art

Laser Engraving

Photoshop Review (NFM)

Photoshop Trading Card

“Good” Photos/reflection

Live Job: Westwood Graduation Ticket

Acronym Banner

Photoshop Sign Modification


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