Internet Browsers

For this post, the video immediately below will show you everything that is written below that, so you can choose to either watch the video, read the instructions, or both!

There are 3 Internet Browsers on your computer that can connect you to websites, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge (YUCK!)

In a previous assignment, you should have seen how to customize your Task Bar area (at the bottom of the screen) to remove that yucky browser (and the Microsoft Store, which you’ll never need.)

You should also have seen how to open a program. You can either use the Windows menu at the bottom left of your screen

Or use the search bar and type in the name of the browser you want. I use Firefox, so my demonstrations will focus on it. I recommend using it as well unless you’re used to Google Chrome. If you’re used to that other thing, CHANGE YOUR WAYS!

Once you have a browser open you’ll see it in your Task Bar. To get it to stay there (it will only “stick” on the computer you are using today, so if you switch computers, you may want to do this again), right click on the browser icon

And then choose Pin to taskbar

If you choose Firefox (good for you!) it will probably ask you if you want to make it your Default browser

Look for the Web browser section and click it, then click your chosen browser

That dumb Microsoft browser likes to make sure that you want to switch. Of course you do! Click Switch anyway


Visiting websites:

The top bar *can* be used to search for a site or topic, but if you know the address of a website, you can (and should) just type it in to go directly there.

Go to my site by typing in (you’ve already done this, obviously. Good job!)

Hit enter and you will be magically transported into Mr. Robson’s World

This is a site that you will need to visit a lot, so there are a couple of ways of getting here even more easily in the future

One is to add a Bookmark. You can click the little star to the right of the address bar to add a Bookmark. If the star is blue, you’ve already got one!

You can type in a custom name for the bookmark or just take whatever comes up

I like to make sure that my main Bookmarks go on my Bookmarks Toolbar

If you have that toolbar turned on, you’ll see a handy link to my site right in your browser window at all times. All you need to do is click it to be transported!

You can also edit or delete Bookmarks. I don’t use the Getting Started, so I like to right click on it and Delete


There are a few options that you can explore inside the “Hamburger” menu on the right hand side of your window (optoional!)

You can actually create a Firefox account so that you can save your preferences, like those bookmarks, and have them the same on every computer you use. I like this feature a lot.

You can also make sure that Firefox will start up exactly where you left off after you close the program by making sure that it will Restore previous session

We’ll talk more about this later, but you can also set where your Downloads go, or can choose to be asked every time:



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