Rhyme Time!

Just like poems, not all song lyrics rhyme, but some do. In poetry, and in song lyrics, there’s even a predictable pattern of rhymes. We’ll start to look at and for those today.

But first…

Today is your lucky day! Today, I introduce you lucky people to one of my favourite lessons of the year!

You can VIEW the video here. If you want to hear the video (and you do, because it’s amazing), you will need to download it. If you don’t download, there will be no sound (which would be a real shame!)

Song lyrics: Rhyme Rehab

Exercise booklet

We will also look through the song and find all of the rhymes. Some are perfect rhymes (thirst and worst sound exactly the same at the end) and some are SLANT rhymes (hands and line dance don’t sound exactly the same at the end, but thery’re pretty close if you say them right)





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