Safe Grad Fun Money

It’s almost time for Graduation, and that means the annual Safe Grad party is coming up! This is a fun way for graduates to close out their time in high school before real life begins. One of the highlights is the casino, where grads can play games with “fun” money.

Your job is to design/redesign the money for this year’s graduates.

Here’s what we used last year:

It came in 5000 and 1000 denominations. The $1000 was green and very similar.

In the past, they’ve made subtle changes by putting in a different photo and changing the year, but it’s looked fairly consistent

I say it’s time for a new design!

Your job is to design new bills for this year’s graduating class

Bills are 6 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. Add a .25 inch bleed, please.

These can be designed in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

If you want a photo of the school, look HERE.

If you want a Westwood logo, look HERE

You can get photos of the graduating class HERE


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