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Of Mice and Men Essay!

Now that you’ve finished the book and completed the questions and activities, you should know the book well enough to come up with a position and defend it in an essay.

Previously we talked about writing a thesis. That is your starting point, and provides direction for the rest.

Once you have a strong thesis, you can come up with an outline/plan for your essay.

Yesterday you were supposed to watch a video about the format/structure of a 5 paragraph essay. View that video here.

Following that, you were to do some activities where you planned out a simple essay. Download those activities here: five-paragraph-essay-activities

Here are some guidelines and instructions for your essay: MercyKillingEssayOutline

Your task now is to write the essay described in those instructions. Once we get some essay activities out of the way, we will finally be ready to watch the movie version!

Essay Practice! (6)

Today we’re going to write an essay! We’ll make it easy for you. We’re all going to come up with a thesis, outline, and ideas together, and then you will be responsible for finishing it off. It’ll be easy!

Our topic is going to be about what a great school St. James is, and why people should come here. I’ve started the thesis for you, all you need to do is give me some reasons and we’ll work out the rest.

Start here

Introduction to Shakespeare

We’ll be jumping into the world of William Shakespeare next week, so how about a bit of an introduction. Shakespeare can be a bit hard to get into, so a bit of understanding of him and his work might help.

1) Watch the video Intro_to_Shakespeare.mp4. It is in the Robson 213 Files folder, or can be DOWNLOADED (don’t view it on the site, download it to your computer and open it in Quick Time Player) here:

2) Complete the handout. If you need the form later, it is here: ShakespeareIntro

3) Fill in the following questionnaire:

Of Mice and Men Video Viewing

Last week we watched the movie version of “Of Mice and Men.” I’m curious to know your thoughts about the differences/similarities between the book and movie. If you need to review any parts of the movie (not watch it all again, you don’t have time in class, but could do so at home) you can open it from: Robson213Files/English/03_OfMiceandMen/Video. Please complete these questions/activities: VideoViewingGuide

As usual, answer the questions INDEPENDENTLY (not with a partner) and IN COMPLETE SENTENCES.