Of Mice and Men Chapter 6

Answer all of the following questions on a separate page or document IN COMPLETE SENTENCES, using proper spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.

1. How does George know where to find Lennie?

2. What does George talk about in his last conversation with Lennie? Why?

3. What is your opinion of George’s actions/decision?

4. At the end of the story, Slim leads George to the highway, while Curley and Carlson are left standing there, gazing at them. What do Curley and Carlson believe happened when George found Lennie in the brush? What do they not know or understand?


1) Most of the novel is realistic, but in Chapter 6, Steinbeck introduces two unrealistic, dreamlike elements. What are they? Describe each of them in your own words. How do each of these elements relate to Lennie’s emotional state at the time? (/3)

2) Describe an incident from earlier in the novel that can be compared to the killing of Lennie. How are these two incidents similar? How are they different? The earlier incident seems put there to connect directly to the ending. What message and what feelings do you think he was intending to create within readers? Explain in detail. (/3)

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