Acronym Banner

When I started at Westwood, there were a few copies of this banner in the halls:

The thing is, it was obviously up there for a LONG time. Some of those people are long gone. Schmeichel had hair and wore a TIE! I have no idea who decided on the word DRIVE or the parts that made it up.

Time for a redo!

You’re going to create your own acronym banner. If you make one that might look good hanging in the halls here, we’ll print it on actual banner material and put it up where that old one was!

If you would prefer, you’re welcome to make a personal one instead. We could print some of those on paper and you could take it home. If you designed it vertically, you could hang it inside of your locker.

Think of a word that describes Westwood and come up with what each letter could stand for.

The old one said: DRIVE

  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Vision
  • Effort

What word would fit now? What qualities exemplify this school, its students, staff, and culture?

Again, if you just want to make one with your name or a different topic, that’s fine.

You’ll need lots of HIGH QUALITY images to fit inside of your letters! Take photos yourself if you can. If you want photos from the school, I could share some yearbook photos with you.

If you want to find photos online, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Unsplash: (remember to click on the arrow at the bottom right corner of a photo on Unsplash to download)

Use Photoshop to put it together.

The banner that was up in the hall is 28 inches wide and about 8.5 inches high (300 pixels per inch!) If you really want to try to design something that we could use in that spot, use those dimensions.

More likely, though, we’ll just print it on paper. The roll of paper is a little narrower than the plastic banner, so use 24 as the width or height if you’re making something designed for paper:

The instructions for putting this together are a lot like an assignment you did last year… Remember that the instructions for the size and what to include were a little different then. You’ll need to add more photos and more text this time!

Show Me Your Westwood (Photo Letters)


Here are some great school-based ones:

And some other ideas:

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