Illustrator Business Card

Once you have a logo designed for a customer, one of the most common jobs for a designer is to come up with a business card.

Your job now is to take the logo that you’ve designed, and come up with a business card that would suit that logo/business.

You can start from one of the templates within Illustrator for this one, but you will need to CUSTOMIZE it to match the fonts & colours that you chose for your logo.


Then, take your logo, and design a card using that logo/business. You can make up a name, address, and phone number to put on the card if you like, or use a real one (like the school’s address and phone number, for example.)

DO NOT hand in a business card that looks like the template/sample! Change the colours, fonts, images, and text to suit your project. Your creative logo should be on there somewhere. The colours and fonts on the card should ma

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