Photography Contest Entry

This month, the school division is running the annual Photography Contest. You’ve had a chance to take some photos. You should have AT LEAST one that you’re proud of by now, so this should be easy:

Submit ONE photo that can be sent in for the contest

If you have more photos, especially ones of our students, you should ALSO submit those for the yearbook.

Feel free to adjust settings and make the photos look good in Lightroom.

As mentioned previously, there are two different versions of Lightroom. I suggested that you start out with Lightroom, NOT Lightroom Classic (it’s confusing… I know)

In Lightroom:


Choose settings that look like you see below. I want the Image type to be JPG, Dimensions should be Full Size, and Quality should be 100%.

If you happen to be using Lightroom Classic, you need to EXPORT:

You want to know/choose where your photo is going to go, and you can choose to rename your file now in Lightroom Classic, or change it later:

Please export your file as a JPEG file at 100% Quality. Do not Resize to Fit!

Hand in ONE photo for marks!

Hand in MORE photos for the yearbook if you have them!

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