Logo Feedback

One of the most valuable things you can do to make your designs as effective as possible is to get feedback and other opinions, then revise your design as necessary. That’s exactly what you’re going to do next.

I’ve compiled all of the logo designs that have been handed in and have given you the same feedback questions/ratings that you were supposed to fill out about your own design.

The more feedback you give, the more helpful you can be. You’ll want to get some good feedback about your design in order to make meaningful revisions, so it’s important that you give as much feedback and advice as you can for other people.

You do not have to fill out every question, but if you have any constructive thoughts, reactions, or advice at all, please provide it in the form. You should have already commented on your own work, so you can skip your work on the form below.

This one should take some time to fill out. You can access the form below or AT THIS LINK.

If you prefer to take your time or do the work locally to avoid running out of time or losing your work, you can download a Word document version HERE. You can also view the logos in that same folder.

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