First InDesign Project: Postcard

So far, we’ve worked with two image creation and editing programs, Photoshop and Illustrator. Now it’s time to turn to InDesign and see what it can do. InDesign is the industry choice for creating professional documents of all shapes and sizes.

See what you can create with InDesign

Explore InDesign basics

First up, learn how to create an appealing postcard! I encourage you to do the sample contained in the tutorials, but I DO NOT want you to hand in a “Design Talks” postcard, I want you to DESIGN YOUR OWN! Yours should use the same tools, size, and layout as the sample, but SHOULD NOT RESEMBLE IT AT ALL! Yours should look entirely different. I’d suggest using one of high quality photos from Unsplash to create a postcard for a destination that you would like to visit.

You will need these files in order to follow along with the tutorial

Click the image below to go to the tutorial, or click this link

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