Vacation Postcard (InDesign)

So far, we’ve worked with two image creation and editing programs, Photoshop and Illustrator. Now it’s time to turn to InDesign and see what it can do. InDesign is the industry choice for creating professional documents of all shapes and sizes and is amazing for multi-page documents.

If you need some background/review:

See what you can create with InDesign

Explore InDesign basics

First up, learn how to create an appealing postcard!

If you have never used InDesign before or want a good review, I encourage you to do the sample contained in the tutorials below. You DO NOT have to hand in the “Design Talks” postcard shown in the tutorial, but creating it might help you get started with the actual assignment that you will hand in:

You will need these files in order to follow along with the tutorial

Click the image below to go to the tutorial, or click this link

For your assignment, I want you to DESIGN YOUR OWN POSTCARD! Yours should use the same tools, size, and layout as the sample, but SHOULD NOT RESEMBLE IT AT ALL! Yours should look entirely different.

This should look like the kind of card that you would buy on vacation and send home to some poor sucker who didn’t get to come with you. You’ve surely seen these in a gift shop or at the Forks or something.

I’d suggest using one of high quality photos from Unsplash to create a postcard for a destination that you would like to visit. If you wanted to use a camera to shoot some photos and create a postcard for Winnipeg or the Westwood area or Westwood Collegiate, that would be amazing! If you are from another country or have visited another country and have photos that you would like to incorporate, that would also be great.

Your postcard must be put together using InDesign, although you could potentially incorporate some elements created in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Most postcards are 6 inches by 4 inches with a .25 inch bleed. I recommend setting up a .25 inch margin to keep important text and elements away from the edge of the page.


You could rotate your card if you wish. You will design a front and a back. The front is usually just a beautiful photo or multiple photos from the place you are visiting. The back contains a space for you to write a letter and a space for you to write the address that you are going to send it to, as well as a stamp (or at least a place to put a stamp). We could print these out when you are done and you could even mail it to someone if you wish!

Remember that in this program, everything goes in a frame. You’ll PLACE your files into frames (File/Place or Ctrl + D).

When you are done, you’ll PACKAGE your file to drop it off!

Check for errors or missing links!

That will create a folder that includes your file as well as any linked files and fonts that you may have included. Check OneDrive for a folder when you are done.

Have fun and be creative. Where would you like to visit?

Samples of finished postcards created by past students:


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