Illustrator Line Drawing & Inking

Your next assignment will be to use the drawing and shape tools in Illustrator to outline a drawing, then create shapes and fill them in to colour your artwork.

You may start from a line drawing that you create, or download simple line drawing art from the Internet and trace, then colour that. You should add some of your own elements in after that. So for example, you could download a photo or drawing of a person or character, then use the tools in Illustrator to draw that person or character, then ADD in a background and/or other elements.

When you are done, I should be able to see the original image on a layer that is turned off. You also need to see clean outlined shapes, like we saw in the example of SUNNY THE SNOWMAN.

Some students will have more experience and will need less review, but EVERYONE should take the time to make sure that you are doing this correctly.

If you need help with your DRAWING, I recommend this set of tutorials

I HIGHLY recommend learning about the Shape builder Tool. I like THIS TUTORIAL

Here’s a very fast, but very effective tutorial that will take you through how to outline a drawing and colour it in




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