InDesign Brochure tutorial

InDesign is one of the most useful and interesting programs we work with. So far, you should have created a Postcard and a Greeting Card. Building on those skills, we’ll build something slightly more complicated, a tri-fold brochure. To make it easy, you’ll complete a tutorial that will show you how to do the project that I want you to complete:

Download these files to follow along with the sample. Those files are “zipped” together, so you’ll need to Unzip the files in order to use them. This is a very common way of delivering files, so you should know how to unzip a folder…

If you prefer to have the files unzipped for you, you can also find all of the files in the HANDOUT FOLDER, although you’d have to download those one at a time or download a zipped file anyway… If you’re really struggling, I could give you the files, if you ask nicely (although I might roll my eyes a bit.)

Follow along with the tutorials here

Complete those videos and create the sample brochure. Show it to me when you are done! You will complete your own, original brochure for marking in the next step!

If you show me the completed brochure, you don’t really need to hand it in. Remember that if you are handing anything in that is created by InDesign, you need to PACKAGE the files!

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