Greeting Card Design

The Westwood Card Company is hiring, and you’re being considered for the job. Congratulations!

To get the position, you’ll need to come up with one or more greeting card designs. These designs will actually be handed out to people on staff for various reasons/occasions:

  • Birthday
  • Congratulations (marriage, baby, new job)
  • Farewell (going to a different job)
  • Retirement
  • Condolences (death in the family)

A lot of people end up signing these cards, so leave a lot of blank space on the inside (although it doesn’t have to be white! Just make sure it’s light enough to write on and read.)

They can be funny (in appropriate ways and appropriate circumstances) or sincere.

Of course, if you want to make your own card for your own reason, that’s fine too, although it wouldn’t be as useful to the Westwood Card Company.

Some tips/suggestions:

Bright, colourful, and creative are really important in a card. You don’t want it boring and dull, and you don’t want your card to look like other cards out there. Have fun with it!

HIGH QUALITY, especially ORIGINAL artwork is a MUST! If you’re googling random card elements and backgrounds, you won’t get the marks or have the success that you would if you designed something yourself! Think about using Photoshop or Illustrator to design elements! If you absolutely need to insert images from somewhere else, consider a place like UNSPLASH where you can get really high-quality photographs that you have permission to use!

InDesign is DEFINITELY the right application to use to put it all together, but you could design elements or pages in Photoshop or Illustrator and then place them into the InDesign document.

Ideal InDesign document setup:


Page layout:

On your Pages panel you’ll notice that the pages start out laid out like this:

We want those pages to all be side by side, instead of those lonely pages 1 and 4. At the top right of the Pages panel, there are three little lines. Click ’em!

Turn on “Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle”

And drag your pages so that they are all side by side

Remember that when your card is folded, the pages go like this:

Remember to put your name in the copyright section (if you want credit) and add some kind of logo. I encourage you to make up your own logo!

Marking gets a little more serious here. There are 4 categories you’ll be marked on:

Language & Tools: Basically this relates to the pieces you use, like the text and images. Are they high quality? Do they suit the purpose of the card? Did you take your time making sure that they look good and are placed well?

Creative Expression: The overall design. Does the whole thing fit together and look nice? How CREATIVE is it/were you? Here’s where things like original artwork and creative elements will really help your mark. Slapping on stuff you Googled isn’t nearly as creative or expressive!

Knowledge & Understanding: How well did you use the programs you utilized? Does it look like you really know what you’re doing with InDesign (and/or Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)?

Analysis & Communication: Your reflection. Same as the last project, take the time to explain what this is and what you learned/thought about in a way that someone who wasn’t in the class could understand.


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