InDesign Monthly Calendar

For this project, you’ll create your own monthly calendar, even better than the ones you’ll soon start seeing at the mall!

Here are my tutorials that will show you how to do this my way:

*Important note: I messed up when I set up my calendar in my videos. You actually need 28 pages for it to print out right. You can add December, 2022 or January, 2024, or just a couple of pages of extra photos or a letter to the person you’re giving it to, or whatever you wish!

*Other Important note: If you want your calendar printed (and you should because they look awesome and make great gifts!), you should add a small “Bleed”, which is an extra little bit of your images/background that will be cut off eventually. When you add images and backgrounds, extend the image off the page a bit. Make sure nothing important is in that area because it will get cut off!

Also, if you want it printed, you need to rearrange your pages in a really odd way… Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how it is laid out for print.

If you don’t like my way, I really like this tutorial:

I also really like THIS WEBSITE

If you need a 2023 calendar to line up your dates right, CLICK HERE

First, decide on a theme for your calendar. If you want to use someone else’s photos, I HIGHLY recommend using unsplash.Remember to click the arrow on top of any photo you want to use in the search page.

I also HIGHLY recommend putting your photos in a folder in OneDrive! Oh, and MAKE SURE ONEDRIVE IS RUNNING!

You’ll need AT LEAST 12 photos (one for every month) but you might want different photos on the front and back cover, and you can have more than one photo per month if you wish.



You added two extra pages. You need to decide whether your extra pages go at the front or the back. My recommendation would be to add December of this year to the front, or some kind of letter to the person you’re giving the calendar to or something like that. Some people prefer to put extra photos at the back or add January of the following year.

Extra pages at the front:

Extra pages at the back:



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