Video Production Tool 1

Once you have gathered some information for your first documentary video – and ONLY once you’ve got some good notes WITH SOURCE LINKS, you can start to play around with the program that we’re going to use to make the video.

For this one, I just want something quick, easy, and fun. This is not going to be the next summer blockbuster major motion picture.

There are many free video editing/building programs online. We’ll give Jeremy credit for introducing me to this one. If you’ve got questions about it, ask him.

Go to:

You’ll need to create a free account

It seems to work fine if you put in a fake email address, so you can choose whether to use your real one or not. You’ll need to know how you logged in so that you can work on your video again tomorrow, so make sure you know how you logged in.

I know you. You’ll be tempted to pick one of those fancy templates and go from there. But if you know me, that’s not going to fly. You’re going to need to do this the “hard” way. Choose 

Give your project a name that accurately reflects its content/purpose


Your finished product needs to be:




So you’ll want lots of good quality content and you’ll want to make something that makes sense and is interesting and fun to watch. Always make choices that serve the finished product. Don’t choose something silly and lighthearted unless you’re making a silly, lighthearted video. Don’t choose something plain and boring unless you’re making a plain and boring video. Get it?

You will need to UPLOAD photos and probably videos that you get from other sources.

You will probably also want to use some of the free footage that is included at the site 

Build your video by adding to your timeline at the bottom, adding text and images as you go.

Silent videos are BORING! Make sure your video has effective music and perhaps even sound effects or narration! Choose effective and appealing colours!

TAKE YOUR TIME and build a GOOD video! Do not try to do this as quickly as possible! Have someone else watch your video and give you feedback. When I watch your video, is it going to make sense? Is the information you’ve included COMPLETE? Are you missing important steps/concepts/ideas?

The content determines the length of the video. You need to be able to fully and completely tell whatever story you’ve set out to tell.

Once you’re done, you’ll need to PUBLISH your video. You may upload your video to YouTube if you wish. Use your channel or add it to our class channel! You can skip that step if you don’t want to do something that public. No matter what you do, when finished, you need to create a document (Google or Word, probably) containing the link to your video, and then drop that video into your OneDrive account for me to view/mark. If you don’t drop off a link, I won’t watch or mark your project.

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