Exploring Great Photos

Today I would like you to go on Flickr and explore photos. Explain what you like about 3 different photos. Not the content (yeah, that flower is beautiful) but what did the photographer do to make that photo amazing?


Below this post you should post a comment where you provide a link to the photos you choose and then EXPLAIN what you like about the photo – what did the photographer have to do or think about in order to make that photo so great?

Post a response as a comment attached to this post. You will need to include a link to the photo and you will need to EXPLAIN what the photographer DID to make it a great photo.

17 thoughts on “Exploring Great Photos

  1. Sadie


    I like this photo because the details are sharp and in focus, the texture is clear and it looks generally life-like, as well as the fact that it doesn’t have much background garbage.


    I like this photo because of the colour contrast of the bug compared to the dead plant. The focus of the picture pops out at you and is rather difficult to miss. The picture is bright with no additional shadows or noise.


    I like this photo because at first glance it looks like an odd staircase due to the angle, but it turns out to actually be what looks like the underside of a bridge. The waves are almost perfectly lines up with the bridge.

  2. Aronn Red Ortega

    Photo #1: https://www.flickr.com/photos/felicefelines/36691627740/in/explore-2017-09-07/
    -This photo looks nice because the picture focuses on the cat and it’s reflection on the ground. The quality of the cat’s reflection is another reason because the reflection does not look like a reflection.

    Photo #2: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30939846@N07/36916727562/in/explore-2017-09-07/
    – The quality of the photo makes the picture look nice. It is also a great establishing shot of the mountains. The mountains are pretty far from the photographer but the photo of the mountains look as detailed as it can be.

    Photo #3: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126249809@N07/36888370616/in/explore-2017-09-07/
    – This picture looks nice because it looks realistic even though it is only a toy. You are able to see the small details of the bricks that were placed to build the house. The photographer was also able to focus on just one brick house.

  3. Aidan MacArthur

    image #1 https://www.flickr.com/photos/andrematrix/36685216430/in/explore-2017-09-07/
    – This image is cool of a fly, it’s HD and zoomed in.
    image #2 https://www.flickr.com/photos/95539417@N05/36256863374/in/explore-2017-09-07/
    – Image is zoomed in and is centered, lighting is perfect not to bright not to dark.
    image #3 https://www.flickr.com/photos/ficusnad/36912703382/in/explore-2017-09-07/
    – Picture is centered and the black’n white of the image makes the castle pop out. images of castles are popular and so.

  4. Janssen

    – the mountain in the backround shows that this picture wasnt easy to capture
    – the water was captured to look more like a thick fog than actual water
    -it’s in a gloomy setting the picture probably wouldn’t have the same effect if it was sunny

    – the water in the picture looks like a mirror which makes the cat’s reflection clear and not blurred
    – the photographer focused solely on the cat and captured an angry looking expression
    – the grass on the sides shows that 1. the cat is a stray 2. the picture isn’t staged/perfect

    – the photographer made sure the wings looked liek it had texture and it added more detail to the photo
    – the photographer blurred the backround to highlight the wings
    – the setting is bright if it wasn’t the wings probably wouldn’t have been as beautiful

  5. Rhonje

    The photographer made this a great photo by blurring out the background so you can focus on the bird, the photographer also made sure the bird was visible so he zoomed in the bird. The photographer made the bird very detailed to the point where you can see the birds every color.

  6. Rhonje

    The photographer made this a great picture by the details on the moon, you can see the craters and not just that, the photographer also placed the moon in the center of the picture. The photographer also showed by moon glowing and shining its light around it’s surroundings.

  7. Rhonje

    The photographer made this a great photo by focusing on the deer only, the deer is centered and everything behind it is blurred out, the photographer also made the picture so detailed that you can see every strand of hair on the deer.

  8. Persia W

    Mice: I like this photo because of how detailed it is, and not only that but the timing in this picture. You catch every little detail from the bark to the 3 little mice and their fur.

    This photo stuck out to me because of how crisp the photo is. In this photo of a cat with its head poking through a blue fence, the details are fantastic. The cat’s eyes stick out, the detail in it’s eyes are very sharp.

    This picture is Stunning, its so detailed and defined that it almost looks unreal. The background is blurred but u know what it is because the raindrops on the vine are so crisp in this picture you can see the flower in the droplets of water on the vine.


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