Get Ready for CONFLICT!

I HATE conflict. I actively avoid it. I think that most people do, but there are some people who seem to thrive on it. Most of us find it unpleasant.

So we know what conflict feels like and how it feels, but do we really understand what it is?

Our first major unit will deal with conflict & survival, so before we really dive in, let’s figure out what we know about the topic.

As best you can, prepare to answer these questions. Write out as many thoughts as you can come up with for each question. Feel free to consult others in the room, but please don’t look anything up online just yet. Please.:

What is conflict? (describe)

What are some examples of conflict? (general situations)

What are some different types of conflict? (categories)

What are some reactions to conflict (what happens to us when conflict arises?)

What are some healthy ways of dealing with conflict?

What are some unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict?

SHOW ME a conflict: act out (with a partner), illustrate (comic book style?), or write out a story detailing a conflict. It can be real or made up. If you’ve given the questions above some thought, you should know that there can be many different types of conflicts, so be creative!

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