Un/Necessary Inventions!

Recently I discovered the greatest inventor of all time. Forget Alexander Graham Bell or Leonardo Da Vinci or Elon Musk, Matty Benedetto beats them all:



Sure, most of his inventions are pretty unnecessary, but some of them are kind of genius.

I can think of a bunch of students and adults who could really use one of these:

Check out the iDangle

the Slice Slicer

the Chip Extractor

Or one that I bet a lot of you could use, the Marathon Untility Controller

See! The guy’s got solutions to problems that you didn’t even know you had! Genius!

I want you to come up with an invention like his. It could be unnecessary or something that you could actually use!

Ways to make it look like you’re paying attention in a Teams meeting when you’re not? (actually, he’s got something kind of along those lines too!)

Corona Virus personal protective gear

School supplies that do your homework

Ways to keep your room clean without doing any work



Here’s the steps you need to follow:

  1. Figure out what the problem is that you wish to solve with your invention. Every good design starts with a problem that we need to solve. You’ll need to be able to explain the issue.
  2. Design your invention on Tinkercad. I want a 3D model that shows me what your invention looks like.
  3. Explain how your invention solves the problem. How is it going to make life better? How does it work? What will this invention allow you to do that you couldn’t before?
  4. Present your idea! You could make a video commercial explaining the problem and your solution. Or you could make a detailed PowerPoint where you design the slides yourself (choose your own backgrounds, fonts, colours, etc.) and add transitions and animations to make it look great. Or you could design an effective poster using Word or something like that, where you have photos or screenshots and information about your product.


I want to look at some examples and hear some presentations on June 9 and 10, so you need this done before June 9. You do not have to present to the class or show your work, but I am really hopeful that some people will. Your mark will be better if I can ask you questions and you can explain yourself.

We’ll talk more about it in our meetings leading up to those days.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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