The Importance of Cleaning

Here’s some of the most important advice I can offer you. It’s simple:


Would you put your face up against a toilet seat? Probably not.

But, did you know that you can find MORE bacteria on your phone than you can on the average toilet seat? Eeeewww. You put that thing near your face a lot. Even if you never talk on it, you’re constantly touching your phone and then your face. All. Day. Long. You can’t help it!

When you go into a store these days, you almost always have to sanitize your hands. That drives me nuts, because one of the first things people often do when they enter the store is touch their phone or their wallet or keys or something like that, and you immediately contaminate the hands that you just cleaned!

Obviously, COVID-19 has drastically increased the danger in touching an unclean surface, but even if it wasn’t an issue or you have both shots or whatever, you can still protect yourself from a  wide variety of illnesses and issues by CLEANING YOUR PHONE OFTEN!

You can even clean your phone really well just soap, water, and a clean microfiber cloth

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