First Video Project – part 4: Adjusting your Images & Credits

You can always remove a photo from your video if it doesn’t look good or you just don’t want it. For example, I used this photo under my title:

but then it was added to my timeline on its own afterward

If you want to get rid of a photo, just find it in the timeline, select it, and then backspace or delete and it should disappear and everything after it should shift over

You will notice that many of your photos will not properly fill the video frame, so there will be black bars on the sides or possibly on the top & bottom.

You can “scale” or zoom in on a photo to make it fit on screen properly.

You can open the “Effects” panel by looking on the right side of your screen under the word “Edit” and clicking on the pencil with the FX above it

Then you can click on an image in the program monitor

then you can use the “Motion” settings

and adjust the Scale slider or press the – or + buttons to resize

You can even just click on the little bubbles at  the sides & corners of the photo on the program monitor and drag to resize

Tall “Portrait” photos can be fixed in one of 3 ways:

Sometimes there’s part of the photo that you can just zoom in on and it’ll look good:

Use those Motion controls (the FX pencil) to Scale or stretch it out

Or sometimes a photo would look just fine rotated:

Under the Motion controls, click Rotate Left or Rotate Right


If you do that, you’ll likely have to Scale the photo to make it fit properly anyway:

OR you can put more than one photo on screen at the same time. Find two (or more) tall “Portrait” photos:

Drag one of them up onto the Video 2 track:

And slide it left or right until it’s over top of another tall photo

One photo will be right on top of the other, so you’ll probably only see one, but you can click on it and drag it over to reveal the one underneath. Move them both a bit to centre things, and then Scale the photos if you wish to fill the frame

Or find another one and put it on top on Video 3

Again, drag and scale as you wish to make things look good on screen

If you move a photo up onto another track, it will leave an empty space on your timeline where you will only see a black screen if you view that portion of the video

If you have those blank spaces, you need to Right Click on them and choose Delete and Close Gap to move everything over and fill that space

Once you’ve got all of your photos fixed up, it’s time to add the end credits.

Move your playhead to the end of your video

Just like in the beginning, go to the File menu, choose New, and Title

If you really liked the look of your opening title, you could always copy and paste elements from there if you wish.

I went back to my opening title and copied the main title

Click on the sliders under Fix

Highlight your text and copy (Ctrl + C or right-click)

Go back to the end and select the “Add Text” text

and paste in the other text (Ctrl + v or right-click)

IMPORTANT NOTE: you’ll have multiple lines of text for this one. They should be in the SAME TEXT BOX.

Hit Enter inside of the text box to jump to another line

Again, if you have text at the beginning that you’d like to paste, you can do that again

I highly recommend using both Align buttons

hit Enter a couple of times to leave some blank space

Add any credits you want! Director, producer, a dedication, your gaffer, grip, and best boy (all actual jobs on a movie set!) Add whatever you want. Have some fun with it! If you ever take the time to read the credits on a movie, they sometimes have some pretty funny ones on there and some goofy nicknames, so make it fun!


You need to include the following text: (copy and paste!)

All photos downloaded from

Music by Bensound:


If your other text is big, like mine, it’ll likely make a big mess when you paste that in

In this case, you’d probably want to make the text a lot smaller.

You can, however, also break that text up to fit on the screen.

Go into the Text menu and choose Word Wrap

That will break the text into lines that fit on screen

I do think that the text is too big for me

I highlighted my text and used the Size setting to adjust

Right now it’s just a title that doesn’t move, just like the one at the beginning, but the credits at the end of a movie “roll” up. To do that, just go back to that Text menu and open the Roll/Crawl Options

A “crawl” moves the text across the screen, left to right or right to left. We want it to “Roll”

I also really recommend having it Start Off Screen and End Off Screen

So my options look like this:

Go ahead and watch your credits by putting the playhead at the beginning and pressing play or the space bar

I noticed that the actual credits are pretty hard to read. That colour and font worked well for the bigger text that I used on my name, but not as well for the rest. Make sure your credits are clear and easy to read. I changed it so that mine look like this:

Watch your credits and try to read the text

For mine, 4 seconds was way too short. The credits rolled too quickly so it was hard to read it all.

You can lengthen the credits (or a photo) by clicking on the right edge of the block in the timeline and pulling it to the right

Making my credits 8 seconds looked much better!

Don’t forget to Save your work (although the program should be doing that for you) before you quit or move on to the next step!

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