Piaget Cognitive Development Project

First, a review of Piaget’s theory


Alone or with a partner, visit a toy store website like Toys R Us (Amazon or another major retailer could work) and look for toys, games, or activities for different ages.

1. You will create a document or PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation with different slides/pages for each of Jean Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development.

2. Browse the toy store website looking for age appropriate toys that, in your opinion, help to develop a child’s cognitive abilities as outlined by Piaget.

3. For each stage, you need to have the image of two toys, along with a link to the item on the website, and a description (in your own words!) of how the toys work and fulfill the needs outlined by Piaget. Make sure to use specific vocabulary terms from Piaget’s theory.

Your grade is based on your knowledge of Piaget’s theory, as well as the uniqueness/creativity of your toy choices, so don’t necessarily go with

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