April Raintree Chapters 2–7

These chapters focus on the diverse experiences and developing identities of both April and Cheryl as they grow up in foster homes. The question of parents’ rights to their child’s health and well-being form an important sub-theme in the novel. Here are some questions to guide the thinking through this part of the story. You will need to include details from ALL 5 chapters, so make notes as you read. These answers should look more like a long paragraph and not just a couple of sentences.

Please answer in (MULTIPLE) COMPLETE SENTENCES and include PAGE NUMBERS and possibly quotes from the book.

1) Compare Cheryl and April’s foster-home situations and consider how the experiences of each shapes her own views about her personal and cultural identity. (/5)

2) April’s experiences with the DeRosier family provide an insight into some of the major issues regarding foster care.

Explain how you think the system either helped or harmed these girls. What do you think needs to be done to protect children’s health and well-being in the foster care system our country/province? Think about what kinds of supports & assistance/monitoring might have helped the girls and/or the families they are placed with. (/5)

3) Give examples of prejudice or discrimination that Cheryl and April experience in either their foster homes or schools and describe their reactions to these situations.

What experiences have you had or seen that show prejudice and discrimination? Even if you’re lucky enough to never have been directly discriminated against, you’ve certainly seen some things at school or out in public, or perhaps you have a friend who’s told you stories. Explain how your reactions to these experiences were similar or different. (/5)

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