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Today’s information (check for updates)

Today I would like you to spend some time formulating and supporting an argument about the Winter Olympics, which start today in Sochi, Russia.
I have a number of statements below that express and opinion about the olympics. Your job is to come up with a strong opinion of your own, either agreeing or disagreeing with the statement below, and expressing that clearly. You should also do some research to find other opinions online that support and oppose your opinion.
I need links to the opinions that you find. These could be news articles, videos, blog posts, or some other form. You need to provide a quote, properly formatted, from each source. There should be at least 2 quotes, one from each of your two sources, one that supports your opinion, and one that opposes.
This needs to be a clearly formulated and presented piece. Your opinion can be submitted in a variety of ways. I’ll let you be creative about that.
  • The Winter Olympics are an inspiring display of athleticism
  • It is important for our country to do well in the Winter Olympics
  • The Winter Olympics are a big waste of time and money
  • The Winter Olympics are good for a country’s patriotic spirit
  • I am worried about the safety of athletes and spectators at this year’s Sochi Olympics.
  • I expect Canada to do very well at this year’s Olympics.
  • For countries hosting the Olympics, the billions of dollars needed to build/upgrade facilities and improve transportation and accommodations is a good investment.
  • Viewers can learn a lot about the host country by watching The Olympics.

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