Yearbook Cover Concepts

This week we will be deciding on the cover for the school yearbook. It’s important that everybody hands in a cover concept as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who got it in on time.

Below you will see the covers handed in so far. Hopefully this will inspire the rest of you to get them in today. These covers will be worth a lot this semester, so it’s important that you do a good job and get a good mark on this.

It’s also important that we make sure that our template is the best it can be, and that we’ve all had some input into the cover. While we may use one student’s initial design, we should also include ideas and feedback from the rest of the class to make changes and improvements to the design. With that in mind, I want you to take some time to look over the designs that have been submitted so far and offer any feedback that might help us to improve (or reject) a design. Your job is to look at each design and comment on it. For each cover, you need to tell me what you like about the book (how it works) and what could be improved (what doesn’t work yet.) Some things to consider:

  • colours
  • fonts
  • sizes
  • image(s) – are they clear, high resolution, interesting?
  • layout (where things are placed)
  • the spine of the book
  • is anything in the “gutter?”
  • does anything spill into the wraparound, when it shouldn’t?
  • Does this cover appeal to you? Why?
  • Does this cover do a good job of representing this school, this year, or the fun nature of a yearbook?

Your response to most/all of these questions needs to be submitted here, as a comment on this post. You will need to number your comments so that I know which cover you are referring to. You need to write in clear, effective sentences so that we understand what you’re trying to suggest. You need to be positive, but also critical, so that we can make this cover look as good as it can be.

All of these covers are good. I’m really impressed. But all of them could be better! You will also take each file and MAKE CHANGES TO IT. The Photoshop files are available in the Robson213Files folder, or from Mr. Robson. You will use your Photoshop skills to manipulate the covers and come up with something new, based on what’s been submitted.

You will be judged on your Photoshop skills, the effectiveness of your changes, and how much of a change/improvement you made. You don’t necessarily have to come up with something better than what’s there, but there needs to be something different, even if it’s just to give the designer something to think about/consider. Please take your time with this and provide as many suggestions as you can, and as much feedback as possible










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