Of Mice and Men Chapter 2


Of Mice and Men Chapter 2

Answer all of the following questions on a separate page or document IN COMPLETE SENTENCES, using proper spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.

1) What does the boss suspect when he first meets George and Lennie? (/1) Why do you think he has these suspicions? (/1)

2) Who is Curley? (/1) How does he react to his first meeting with Lennie? (/1) How do you explain his reaction? (/1)

3) George identifies two omens of trouble in chapter 2. Who are they? (/1) What does George tell Lennie to do to avoid trouble? (/1) Why do they simply not leave the ranch? (/1)

4) Slim is also introduced in this chapter. What is your first impression of Slim? Give two or three specific details that help to create this impression. (/2)

5) Why do you think the other characters are surprised when they learn that George and Lennie are travelling together? (/2)

6) What is Carlson’s chief complaint about Candy’s dog? What does he think Candy should do? (/1)

7) Based on your reading of the story so far, do you think Lennie will be able to keep himself out of trouble? Explain your response. (/2)


Give the meanings of the following words without using a dictionary. Try to figure out their meanings by finding them in the book and checking how they are used. Rewrite the sentence using a different word/phrase in place of the vocabulary term AND come up with your own sentence using each of the words below. Both parts must make sense.

a) scowled (p. 21) (/2)
b) pugnacious (p. 25) (/2)
c) ominously (p. 27) (/2)
d) contorted (p. 30) (/2)
e) gravity (p. 33) (/2)

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