Logo Design Feedback

One of the most valuable things that you can do to help your designs and the designs of others is to give and take effective feedback. That is your job here. You will look at the logos designed by your classmates and provide some feedback.

The first thing you need to consider is what makes a “good” logo? Here are some helpful tips:

That video mentions things like:

  • knowing your target audience
  • scaleability
  • make it readable
  • keep it simple
  • it must be recognizable
  • make it timeless
  • How does it look in black & white

Those are all ideas that go into a successful logo.

But the most iconic logos are for products that we already know. Think Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, Apple, etc. You already know those businesses, so the logo can be very, very simple. In our case, we’re building a brand that people outside of this room won’t know, so it needs to have a little more information. It needs to explain what the logo is for a little more than the big brands.

You’ll get marks for providing USEFUL feedback to your classmates. Useful feedback is feedback that will help your classmates (AND YOU) to IMPROVE your logo. You’ll need to take the feedback you get and make changes to your logo, so you’ll want CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

“Your logo looks great!” is kind, but not at all helpful. If it’s great, there’s nothing to change, and there’s always something to change.

“Your logo looks terrible!” is mean and not at all helpful. Why is it terrible? What could I have done better?

Go through the logos designed by your classmates and comment on as many as you can. Yes, it’ll take a while, but it’ll be very worth it when you get a lot of useful comments (and a great mark) in return!

Below are links to view the logos for your class. If you’d like to see what the other class came up with, feel free, but your job is only really to comment on your class. If you want to be helpful and provide feedback for the other class, that would be very kind and helpful of you, but it isn’t necessary.

Take your time and provide as much HELPFUL, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback as possible. Any suggestions for improvement/change might be useful. If you really can’t think of anything, you probably aren’t trying very hard.



Remember, you’ll get marks for giving good feedback, and for taking the suggestions that others provide and making your work better.

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