Composition Technique 1: The Rule of Thirds

Once you know how to properly work with the available light in any situation and capture a good photo by working with the Exposure Triangle, you should start playing around with some simple composition techniques.

The easiest and most common one of all has to be the Rule of Thirds. You should definitely know this one already, or at least be able to pick it up pretty quickly & easily.

Your job is to take (and explain) 3 photos:

  • Human being
  • Nature or structure
  • Inanimate object

Pay attention to what’s in the background. No more lazy shots in the classroom unless you really compose it well. You’ll be better off moving somewhere else for this.

Fill the frame. Make sure it’s obvious what the subject of your photo is.

If you need some examples and an explanation, here’s a tutorial I made during the big lockdown of 2020:

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