Light Scavenger Hunt Results

Looking at the photos you took as part of the Light Scavenger Hunt, I want you to try to notice what the light did to the subject of your photographs in each of the different situations I asked you to capture.

You should notice some obvious differences. You should also notice some differences between images shot on our DSLR cameras and your phone camera.

I want you to do some comparisons, and do some thinking and reflecting. Answer the following questions, with examples, in a PowerPoint or InDesign document or however you choose.

If you (perhaps with a partner) have photos from two sources:

  1. Comparing the phone photo to the camera photo, which two are most alike? Describe what you see in both photos when it comes to light, colour, and detail.
  2. Comparing two photos, which ones look really different on one of the cameras? Which one worked better, the phone or the DSLR? Why? What differences do you see?
  3. One of the biggest differences between a phone and a DSLR is how the cameras zoom in. Take the two zoomed in photos and tell me what the differences are. Which one turned out better? Why?

If all you have is the photos from your DSLR camera:

  1. Which is your best photo? (when looking at light and colour and detail). Why? Describe what’s good about it.
  2. Which is your worst photo? (when looking at light and colour and detail). Why? Describe what’s wrong with it.
  3. Take two other photos and compare them. Perhaps look at one inside and one outside, or another one that turned out good and another one that didn’t. What are the major differences between the two photos? (light, colour, detail)

Next, take at least two photos that need some help (whichever source you want) and put them into Lightroom. Adjust the sliders to see what helps the photo look better? Which ones did you have to move up or down to improve the results?

Put those observations into a document/presentation/video and hand it in!

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