Illustrator Shape Builder Skills

You’ve been working on logo designs, and I’m seeing a lot of great work. A lot of them are ending up looking great. But even some of the ones that look great have some kind of important problems that should be addressed, so we need to do some practice.

Here’s one that looks particularly great:

Illustrator artwork is made up of lines. The simpler the lines, the easier the artwork is to handle later on when you go to make something out of it. This one looks great when finished, but the lines (PATHS) look like a bit of a mess:

I totally understand how and why this logo got like this. I never explained any of this beforehand, so in this case/this assignment, it isn’t a big deal.

For the first product that we’ll produce, however, those messy lines are going to make life a lot more difficult.

I rebuilt this logo properly, and my lines look like this:

I see one little mistake on the right side of my rings, but overall, this file is MUCH EASIER to work with when we go to cut it out.

Here’s how I made that logo:

You’ll need to come up with some artwork of your own that has cleaner lines. It’ll need text and shapes (simple AND compound). When you come up with something, we’ll cut it out and put it on paper, plastic board, or a shirt.

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