Ketchup? Everybody Loves Ketchup!

This week is class-wide Ketchup week! It’s your chance to ketch – up on work before your report card! Marks are finalized this week, and every one of you has assignments that are missing which need to be completed for your report card.

Check Powerschool for the most recent list of missing assignments. Those are your priority. I want those done before any more video tutorial samples. Check the list of assignments on the class page, or your PowerSchool account. Be working on those!

Homework club! Anyone at or below 50% is automatically signed up for Homework Club for the remainder of the week! You will be added to the lunch time Homework Club list and will be expected to show up until your mark is improved. It wouldn’t take long to get your mark back on track, so please be focussed and working on assignments.

Send me an email if you have questions. Come and see me Wednesday, and have some assignments finished before Thursday’s class!

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