Hero Biography

Yesterday you spent some time coming up with descriptions of one of 4 heroes:

  • Spiderman/Peter Parker
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Harry Potter
  • Katniss Everdeen

With your group, a partner, or by yourself, you will take those descriptive words & phrases and write a biography of your hero.

Use your descriptive words & phrases and others to write a complete biography of your chosen hero. You may talk BRIEFLY about her/his adventures, but don’t spend a lot of time retelling the story. I just want to know about this person and what he/she is like.

  • Remember to talk about the hero before and after his/her journey.
  • What kind of person is (s)he?
  • Mention important things like appearance, interests & activities, family, friends, job, experiences, etc.
  • Talk about what (if anything) has changed about the hero’s personality/outlook/etc. After the adventure. Does this person have more confidence? More friends? A happier life?

Mr. Robson’s example:

Kyle Barnes is the main character in a comic book and TV series called Outcast. Kyle is in his late 20s or early 30s and had a wife and daughter. He was raised in a town called Rome, West Virginia, by his mother, but she was very abusive and dangerous. This has made Kyle very reserved and unhappy. He has trouble relating to other people and spends much of his time alone. He seems to have no real friends and is estranged from his wife and daughter. He is contacted by the Reverend John Anderson who believes that Kyle has special powers and can help him to rid the town of demons which seem to be possessing people in the town. Kyle is reluctant to get involved and afraid of hurting people.

Eventually Kyle goes along with the Reverend and they exorcise demons from people in Rome. Kyle comes to understand that he has a special power that the demons seem to be afraid of. His experiences help him to understand terrible events that happened with his mother and wife, and helps him to realize that those events were not his fault, so he becomes a more confident person. After helping the Reverend, he is able to reunite with his wife and daughter and becomes more liked and respected in his community. It seems as if he will always be surrounded by dark forces, but in the end he knows that he can do something to fight those off and help people.

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