Assignment Drop Off

So you’ve finished your assignment, have you? Well, here’s what to do once you’ve reached that point.

FIRST: go back and check the assignment instructions and/or the examples and make sure that you’ve completed your work correctly! Save yourself from having to fix up your work or redo it by making sure that you’ve followed ALL of the instructions!

NEXT: make sure that your file has the correct name! The name of your file should reflect the name of the assignment! (for example, if I asked you to make an Interactive Quiz, the name should reflect the subject AND the assignment. Mine might be called RobsonQuiz.pdf). If your file name is unnamed (eg: Doc1.docx or something like that), I probably WILL NOT OPEN IT. I’ve got better things to do. Tell me which file I’m looking at and I’ll look at it!

Log in . Use your computer user name and add ex:

You will see a sign in page that looks like this:

Fill in your user name and add (ex:

After that you will see a sign in page for our school division:

Again, your user name

You might get a pop up asking whether you want to stay signed in. This will save your login information and may save you some work later. So long as you log out of your computer when you’re done, nobody can get into your account (unless they have your password, which would be a BAD IDEA!)


At the top of the screen, look for the Blue Button that says + New. Hover over it, and choose Folder from the drop down menu:

A window will pop up where you will name the folder. It ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO HAVE: your last name, first initial, and what class it’s for. If I were creating one for GT20, it would be called RobsonJ GT20.

Once the folder is created and NAMED PROPERLY, press the Share icon (or press the three vertical dots and choose Share:

Be careful. If you see this name pop up, it’s NOT ME. Yours will probably display the correct name, but just in case, DO NOT CHOOSE Jeremy Robson

If for some strange reason I don’t show up, click Search Directory. Look, there’s me!

YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT I CAN EDIT THE FOLDER! It’ll default to giving me access. DO NOT change that.

Press Send:

Now I have your folder! Wasn’t that easy? You only need to do that ONCE PER CLASS! If you happen to be in two of my classes (I’m so sorry), you need TWO folders.

Next, I REALLY recommend using the OneDrive app on your computer to synchronize your files. Believe me when I tell you that it’s much easier and more convenient!

The easiest way to open a program is to use the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.

Type in OneDrive (or a portion of it)

Sign in with your email address. This is your computer user name (eg:

If you type that in correctly, you wil lbe directed to this password screen:

If you see a different password screen, you’ve typed in your email address incorrectly. Try again!

There are a bunch of screens you can just click past:

I HIGHLY recommend installing the mobile app on your phone/tablet. We’ll talk more about this.

This stuff is good to know. We’ll talk more about this too, but you can have your files “in the cloud” (not actually on your computer right now, but accessible), downloaded and available for now, but can be moved back to “the cloud”, and Always available, which means you’re keeping a copy on your computer at all times.

Here you can decide which of these folders on the computer you’re using RIGHT NOW will be synchronized in your OneDrive account online. If you store files in any of these places, back them up!

Finally you’ll be done and can check out your folder:

In your OneDrive folder, you need to create a Hand In folder for yourself. I can do it for you, but it’s more complicated if I do it on my end. Go into your OneDrive and create a folder. It should have:

your last name first initial class

eg: RobsonJ GT20

In the future, I’ll remind you to save your files into OneDrive as soon as you create them. If you’re used to saving your files in your Documents or somewhere else (please don’t save everything on to your Desktop! My mom does that and she’s 70! Don’t be a boomer!)

When it comes time to hand something in, all you need to do is move a file into that folder that you created and shared! When a file is FINISHED, move it into that folder from wherever you saved it while working on it. DO NOT HAND IN ANYTHING  UNTIL IT’S READY TO BE MARKED!

Once I have looked at your work, I will move it into a folder called _MarkedWork. YOU SHOULD NEVER PUT ANYTHING INTO THAT FOLDER! I’m the only one who moves things into that folder. If you put files in there, I won’t see them and won’t go looking for them!

When I’ve marked something, I will move it for you. You will also see a rubric with your marks. You should LOOK AT THAT!

Check your mark. Do you like it? GREAT!

If you aren’t happy with a mark, you can see what you missed, work on it some more, and hand it in again! You can (and should) always have 100% in my class, because you can redo assignments any time you like! If you work on something again, just move it out of the Marked Work folder when it’s ready for me to look at again!



You can use the website if you wish or you don’t want to sign in to the app. Just go into the folder on the website and press Upload to send me a file.

Then nagivate to find your file(s):

Once you click Open, you should see it appear on the webpage after a moment. If you do, I have it!


Find the folder that you shared with me. It should have your last name AND course number on it (eg: RobsonJ GT20)

Go into that folder by clicking on your name or the little icon (picture of the folder)

Here is where you will upload work for me!

NOTE: You can make your life easier in the long run by using the OneDrive application on your computer to automatically store/upload your work. To do that, click the Sync button:

This will open an application on your computer. You may need to sign in AGAIN, but it’s worth it!

If you don’t do that  (which is FINE) you can just upload your work into this folder. Click Upload:

Then nagivate to find your file(s):

Once you click Open, you should see it appear on the webpage after a moment. If you do, I have it!


You should see a folder called _marked work. This is where I put your work AFTER I look at it.

YOU should NEVER put files INTO that folder! Only I put things in there. If you upload a file into that folder I WILL NOT SEE IT!

Once I’m done marking your work, you should LOOK INSIDE that folder and download your work to check for comments, suggestions, or to IMPROVE your work/mark!

If you open a file that has been uploaded to OneDrive, you may be able to view or work on it right on the website:

This version of the program does not contain all of the features of the desktop app though, so things may look a little weird and some things that you need/want to do may not be available. FYI!



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