Postcard from Canada, 1867

Based on the information discussed in class about jobs in Canada around the time of confederation, your job is to create a postcard to your loved ones back home in another country, encouraging them to come to Canada.

You will use Microsoft Word and create something similar to your timetable, using many of the skills used there. I will not show you this one step-by-step, but will answer questions!

On the front, include some pictures that might represent ways that people could make a living in Canada around 1867. You can draw these or try to find something online. It does not have to be perfectly accurate but should hopefully look realistic.

Include somewhere a picture of the unofficial flag that was used for Canada in 1867, which was called The Canadian Red Ensign.

On the back,

Include a mailing address located in one of the countries previously mentioned as having citizens come to Canada.

Tell your family where in Canada to come. Remember that Canada only had 4 provinces!

Tell your family about 2 jobs available to them and why they should come to Canada.

Here’s an example of what a postcard might look like:

Here’s a closer look at how the back should be laid out:

SO, you will need to have TWO pages in your document, one for the front and one for the back

You may wish to add Shapes to your document for a background. You could do this by creating a table with one row and one column, or if you wish, you can Insert a Shape

To create a shape:

To fill it in:


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