Friday Funday – Canada Rulz

Every once in a while on a Friday, I like to take it a bit easy, by pausing the regular work we’re doing, and engage in something a little light-hearted and fun.

The olympics are winding down, and Canada has been doing great. These games are about the great athletes, and are there to celebrate their talents and achievements, but most of us aren’t athletes and will never compete. The athletes are, however, representing their home country, so they are there to represent us and make us proud. And we are!

This is a great time to stop and think about what we have to be proud of about our country, and there are a lot of things. Today I’d like you to be creative and somehow really represent the spirit of this country. Think about the things that we’re most proud of and that most define us and represent us as Canadians. In short, show off your Canadian pride.

Create or write something that really shows off what we’re proud of and shows how proud you are. Think about people, resources, places, ideas, ways of doing things, and whatever else makes us unique and special. Try to tie in a lot of ideas without being too random or confusing, and really makes us feel the essence of your pride.


  • make a beautiful poster in Photoshop
  • make a movie in iMovie
  • write an essay
  • create a comic book
  • brochure
  • magazine
  • etc.

Whatever you use, be creative and original (don’t copy ideas/text.) Use HIGH QUALITY images/videos. TAKE YOUR TIME. DO A GOOD JOB!

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