Photoshop Layers Exercises

There is a series of videos in the Robson213Files folder explaining and demonstrating using layers in Photoshop.

Drop off your own samples, and make sure that the FILE NAME REFLECTS the TECHNIQUE. Ex: robsonj_opacity.psd

After viewing those, you should be able to demonstrate the same concepts by using a photo of your own. Use the techniques demonstrated in:

03_Opacity – You are shown how to use the opacity controls to add elements on top of your images. Take a GOOD QUALITY photo and add a texture over top (something that will be obvious even at a decreased opacity, like a brick wall, flower, cloud, stones, sand, water, fabric, etc.). Add some text on top of that (using the “T” – Text – Tool.) Make the text bold/thick enough to see some of the detail inside, and turn down the opacity.

Example: robsonj_opacity.psd


05_NewLayers – You’re shown how to add text, and to apply a coloured background to the text. Use one of your photos and add a similar text box on top of your photo, and turn down the opacity so it blends in a bit

Example: robsonj_newlayers.psd


08_ClippingMask – This shows you how to make a really neat effect by placing an image inside of some text. You can use the same image (as in the movie) or put a different image inside and on top of another image.

Example: robsonj_clippingmask.psd


09_StyleEffects – This movie shows you how to add neat layer styles to make elements really stand out. Again you’ll have to add some text, and another image or layer. Use those style effects to make the new layers really pop out.



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