Final Project: Portfolio

There is no final exam for this class, so instead there is a final project, which is worth 25% of your overall final grade. It is due ON or BEFORE Friday, January 27.

It will be a summation of everything that you’ve learned and done in the course this year. You need to demonstrate and show an understanding of all of the concepts that we’ve covered, and show a variety of well designed and executed projects demonstrating your skills with different programs and in different situations.

We have worked primarily with:

  • Photoshop
  • In Design
  • Illustrator

All three must be included in your portfolio.

The concepts that we’ve covered include:

  • C.R.A.P. concepts
  • Creative Commons/Copyright
  • Colour choices
  • Typography choices
  • Illustrator logo design
  • Seeking out feedback
  • Revising your work and creating different versions
  • Communicating with a client
  • Creating products that are useful to your client

Again, I’ll be looking for evidence of all of those in your final project.

You will include the elements that you’ve come up with to design and promote your design business.

You will also include any products that you’ve created for clients. You can include things like the school logo and shirt design, but primarily you should be including products that you’ve created for the client of your choice. You should have AT LEAST 5 different items designed for your client. They should have some kind of unifying theme/design/look, but should be useful to the client in different ways (ie you could create merchandise for them to sell, posters or ads that they’d use to promote themselves, items for them to use in their office (letterhead, perhaps.)

Through it all, you need to be able to demonstrate and explain that you’ve revised your work, sought out feedback from others, communicated with a client, and put thought into your colour and typography choices.

You will put it all together in an APPEALING, USEFUL, and IMPRESSIVE unifying portfolio project. That could look like:

  • Printouts compiled in a photo-album or scrapbook type item
  • A multi-page, organized document
  • A detailed set of brochures explaining your skills
  • A website organized into different aspects of your skills and accomplishments
  • A video (documentary or advertisement style)
  • An interesting presentation explaining all above aspects

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