Essay Writing! Fun!

When I tell students that we’re going to write essays, the reaction isn’t always excitement. Some students have the idea that they’re hard, even boring! They’re wrong! Those students don’t know the secret formula. Learn, you will, young Padawan Learners.

Yesterday we started to look at this lesson, where we started to plan out some thoughts for an essay.


1. Watch this fun video from our friends at Flocabulary

2. Fill in those missing lyrics! 02_ThesisLyrics

3. Take a look at some Thesis statements, and decide whether they’re strong or not: 03_ThesisAnalysis

You’re now qualified to write your own thesis! Our topic will be about whether George did the right or wrong thing by shooting Lennie.

The first step is to come up with your argument. I would create a T-chart, listing on one side the reasons why, in your opinion, it may have been right for George to shoot Lennie, and on the other side, why he might have been wrong.

You should list as many reasons for and against as you can. Put an asterisk * beside the ones that you think are the strongest.

Once you have looked at both sides of the argument, decide what your opinion is. It may be possible that you will see valid reasons on both sides of your chart, but the strongest argument will always choose a side.

Come up with a strong thesis statement that states and briefly supports your opinion.

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