Of Mice and Men Review & Activities

Test your memory. Without discussing or looking in the book, see if you can remember details from the book. Fill out this document.

Next, check out this neat site for some activities relating to Of Mice and Men.

Start with “Main Session”:



You can move the tool bar around. You can resize it with the “Up” arrow. The “house” button starts you all over again! You can use the left/right arrows to move between sections or press the buttons for the sections.

lesson 2


Drag the quote from the bottom box into the box beside the correct character:

lesson 3


Put the events in order by dragging the numbers 1-14 into the circle beside the statements. You can move/change your answers.

lesson 4


Read each statement and decide whether it has to do with the theme “Loneliness,” “Violence,” or “Dreams.” Click the button for your choice to see if you’re correct.

lesson 5


We will be writing an essay supporting or arguing against George’s decision at the end. You can start planning your essay by filling in details in the chart (or create one on paper or in a Word/Google document.)

lesson 6

At the end of your planning, you can press “Print” to keep a copy for your essay, if you wish.


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