Chapter 5/6

As we read chapters 5-6, please do the same things that we did for earlier chapters, and keep track of the following:

As with the first two chapters, as we read I want you to make notes and afterward, write:

a. Observations: What do you know? Find details from the book that describe each person or place.

b. Critical Thinking: What do you think? Give me your own thoughts & opinions about each.

c. Extending Understanding: What do you wonder? What kind of questions do you have about or for each person or place? What else would you like to know? What don’t you understand? What other information would you like to have?

This time, we’ll add:

d. How do you feel? Write out your personal feelings/reactions to the people and situations discussed in the chapter.

You’ll use these notes to create your own questions AND answers for these chapters.

Write AT LEAST two questions about these chapters. You may wish to do more than 3 to make sure that you get full marks. These should be questions that require proof from the book and some personal insights. Do not ask questions that can be easily answered from the book, they should have a personal connection/insight as well.

You also need to ANSWER your questions in detail. The answers will need references to the book as well as your own insights. These will resemble the answers that we did together for the previous chapters. Look back at those here.

You will also COMPARE and CONTRAST the Henson and Riley plantations. This kind of exercise often takes the form of a Venn Diagram, but you may just create a table with 3 columns that looks kind of like this:

Henson Plantation BOTH Riley Plantation

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