Chapter 10/11 – Underground to Canada

For this chapter, your job is simple:

1) Write a detailed summary of the two chapters. What happens, who’s involved, where/when is the action taking place, etc.

2) Find AT LEAST 3 unfamiliar words in the chapters. Find ones that you’re not entirely sure what they mean. Keep track of what/where they are. After reading, look the words up and rewrite the sentences from the book with new words in place of the unfamiliar ones.

3) What would you say the theme/title of these chapters should be? What do they have in common?

4) Make a personal connection to the chapters. Have you ever been in a situation anything like the ones in this chapter? Have you ever felt the same way? Have you ever felt like you were being chased, watched, or in imminent danger? Write a few sentences connecting something or someone in the chapters to your life, or you could explain how you/your life/someone you know is nothing like the chapters and why.

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