Underground to Canada chapter 3/4

As with the first two chapters, as we read I want you to make notes and afterward, write:

a. Observations: What do you know? Find details from the book that describe each person or place.

b. Critical Thinking: What do you think? Give me your own thoughts & opinions about each.

c. Extending Understanding: What do you wonder? What kind of questions do you have about or for each person or place? What else would you like to know? What don’t you understand? What other information would you like to have?

Here, I also want you to pay attention to some of the more important characters. Use proof/examples from the book in your answers:

  1. How has Julilly changed since being taken from her home? What role has she taken on?
  2. What do you know/think about the men/boys following behind the wagon, Ben, Lester, Adam, and Sam?
  3. What do you know/think about the two men leading them to their new home, the driver and the fat man? Why do they not have names?
  4. I would like you to take a situation or character from the book and relate it to your own experience. Talk a bit about how someone you know or something you’ve gone through is like (or perhaps totally different from) someone/something in the book.
  5. These 4 chapters have a kind of similar theme. What would be a good title for this section of the book and why?

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