Chapter 2/Manitoba TEST!

Yessiree, one of the joys of middle school! It’s time for a UNIT TEST! Yay!

This is where we look back at everything we’ve learned over the past little while and see how well you know it. You do know it, don’t you? You’ve been paying attention, reading the text book, and doing your assignments, right? GOOD! You should have no problem.

A unit test usually contains questions from the entire unit/section/chapter we’ve studied. Often you will find 3 types of questions:

  • Long answer!
  • Short answer/Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple guess choice

But here’s the thing… I’m not making this test, YOU ARE!

You will be responsible for looking back over the chapter, your notes and assignments and coming up with some of each type of question! Your test will contain:

  • 15 questions
  • AT LEAST (could be more) 2 multiple chioce
  • AT LEAST (could be more) 2 short answer/fill in the blanks
  • AT LEAST (could be more) 2 long answer.

I know this isn’t a math lesson, but if you do the math there, it only adds up to 6 questions. The rest can be any of those three!

Of course, when teachers give a test, they need to have an ANSWER KEY, which has all of the answers for the test. Yup, you have to provide those as well. Answer them completely and accurately!

If you want, we can put these together in a fun and interesting way, but you’ll need the questions in order to do that, so start flipping through the book and your notes/assignments. Feel free to discuss your ideas with others.

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