Louis Riel: Hero or Criminal?

A political cartoon published in May 23, 1885, Grip magazine.

Louis Riel is one of the most controversial figures in Canadian history. We’ve talked a fair bit about his role in establishing Manitoba and looking after the rights of his people, so we know that he has done some important things, but you have to remember that the Canadian government did hang him for a reason, and many see him as a rebel and traitor. Just like John A. MacDonald, his legacy is kind of complicated.

And just like John A., I want you to do a bit of research and decide whether he was first and foremost, a criminal or a hero. I want to see a bit of research on both sides before you make your decision. We’ll use our newfound Photoshop skills to make a cool poster next week.

Here are some sources that I want you to look at:

As with before, keep track of which information you get from which sources. Copy and paste the address of the site into a document then WRITE some information down. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE the information. Try to put it in your own words!

You must find AT LEAST:

3 good reasons why Louis is a Hero to many

3 good reasons why Louis is a criminal to many

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