Your first video!

Today I would like you to get started on your first video project. You have a lot of freedom and options in this project because I’m curious to see what you’re interested in and how much you already know.

I’ll give you a refresher/beginner crash course on iMovie, but if you know another editing program or want to give one of the newer ones a shot, you can, but this project shouldn’t take too long, so don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be.

As much as possible you should be using materials in your video that are LEGAL for you to use. These include items that you’ve created or photographs that you’ve taken yourself, or CREATIVE COMMONS images, music, and video clips. There are links to many great sources of CREATIVE COMMONS materials on my LINKS page under “Copyright Free Content.”:

Your video should be about something that you enjoy/know something about already, or something you’re interested enough in to research fairly quickly & easily.

Some ideas:

You could take some of the motion picture history contained in the videos we watched (they are in a YouTube video playlist that I’ve created for you.) It should contain some of the most significant developments in motion pictures. Your presentation doesn’t have to contain ALL of the details but it should show the major events/types of films/videos and it should be in YOUR OWN WORDS.

You could also use one of the following ideas (now or later on):

Ms. Werner would like some help with a couple of things:

I’d like a little video animation done explaining:
1. mitosis and meiosis
2. Carbon Cycle and Nitrogen Cycle

I would love to have a “Welcome to St. James Collegiate” video to show students who are new to this school. It should show things like where the cafeteria is and how it works, where the office is and who to talk to, where the bathrooms are, some of the rules people need to know, advice for newcomers, etc.

You could do a brief history of your life and/or education

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