Yearbook Cover Revisions

We’ve received some great yearbook covers so far, so THANK YOU to those of you who got a design in on time. There’s still time to submit your design for marks and for consideration, but time is running out!

No matter how great your idea is (and some of them are really great), there’s always some other idea that could make it even better. Often, it takes an impartial, objective observer to point out something that could be improved.

Your job today is to look at the yearbook cover submissions so far and IMPROVE THEM! You are responsible for downloading and improving AT LEAST 2 other covers. You can change anything you want about it, but make sure that you’re making an improvement.

Some tips:

  • BE NICE. Just because you don’t necessarily agree that a cover is beautiful, don’t be mean about it, just make some changes that will improve things.
  • You don’t have to agree with the changes that someone else is making to your cover, you just have to respect their input!
  • Check and make sure that the files are created using the right template, include elements that we can use without getting sued, and are laid out and SPELLED correctly! If the designer used blue & yellow, is it the CORRECT SHADE of blue & yellow? There’s a way to check, you know! Are all elements HIGH QUALITY and CLEAR?
  • If a cover looks great as it is and you can’t think of a way to improve it, you’re not trying hard enough. Every idea can be improved. But if you can’t think of something, choose another one. If you think a cover can’t be salvaged (you really don’t like it), that’s fine, just choose something else.
  • Your changes must be NOTICEABLE and make a clear improvement. If you change something so subtle that only you notice, it isn’t much of an improvement.

You need to DOWNLOAD the files you want to work with, then open them in Photoshop, then save and drop off the revised files.

Access the files here

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