Semester Ending Super Easy Video Project!

Otherwise known as the “GET YOUR MARK UP NOW” project! If you need easy marks before the end of the semester, this one’s for you!

I’ve been working on this online video course. The first assignment was to make a 15 second video about a colour. Here’s what I came up with:

Pretty boring, huh?

While I was thinking of a colour and finding pictures, all I could think of was this song:

So I want to add my pictures to the song to make a super cool RED video.

You will do something similar. You’ll need a topic that you can find a bunch of pictures of. Choose a colour if you really want to, but you could do something like hockey, cars, dogs, food, etc.

You’ll also need some music which will help set the mood. Your pictures will help to build that mood/feeling in your video.

I got all of my photos from this great site:

But this one is great as well:

Both sites are full of Creatice Commons images that you already have permission to use. You don’t even have to give credit for them, but I WANT YOU TO. Each time you grab a photo, copy down the Attribution (source/creator) info and paste it into a document.

For music, I really like:

But the folks running my video course have some recommendations that you might want to check out:

  • – You can download royalty free music at no charge for Youtube and your multimedia projects.
  • – A great free MP3 resource from Adobe. You simply need to download and unzip the files, then import them into Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro, After Effects. There are thousands of well recorded and specific sound effects. One of our favourites is “Human Chew Banana”.
  • – An archive of jazz and classic recordings (most in the public domain but clearly labelled if not). Not the most user friendly site to navigate but some amazing stuff if you are keen to search.
  • – This one is great for drones and beeps and other sounds, not as musical as the others but certainly a very useful bank of free to use sounds.

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